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Questions in this category have been asked by PJ

  • What planets have rings in our solar system?
    • Are they closer to the planets that the moon or farther away? Why? (Roche limit, explain it)
  • How would you explain binary astroid we see?
  • Why is Saturn special?
    • Why didn't the rings condense to form moons?
    • What is the ring composition?
  • What's the extent of the solar sytem?
  • what sets the limit on the extent of the Oort cloud from the sun?
  • what is the peculiar speed of the sun with respect to the ISM?
  • how would you measure the distance to the heliopause?
  • do the particles in the solar system come from the ISM?
  • what is the rate of mass loss due to winds from the sun?
  • This is a trick question: How many planets are there in the solar system?
  • Answer this in 5 secs: What is the speed of the Earth around the sun?
  • What is the mass of Jupiter?
  • What is Ceres? (MT)
  • Where is the asteroid belt? (MT)
  • How many dwarf planets are there?
  • What is the size of Earth's equatorial bulge? (SR)
  • Is pluto a planet?
    • What defines a dwarf planet (upper and lower bounds)