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  • What do you know about the galactic rotation curve?
    • How are distances measured on it?
  • What's dark matter?
    • How do we know it exists?
    • What is the dark matter fraction for the MW? Universe? Why the difference? (MT)
  • What is the circular velocity of the sun around the galactic center? What is its distance from the GC? Orbital period?
  • Plot the position of the sun on a galactic rotation curve
  • How will u estimate the following WITHOUT using the Jeans equation: radial dependence of the density of dark matter, the amount of DM in the local neighborhood
  • Does the virial theorem hold in General Relativity?
  • How did Zwicky find dark matter? What method did he use?
  • How is the Jean's wavelength derived from the Boltzmann Equation? What is the Jean's Swindle?