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Questions in this category have been asked by MT, PJ

  • Draw evolution of 8 Solar Mass Star from Pre-MS phase to end of life.
  • What is the Hayashi Track?
  • What is on the diagram at cooler temps?
  • What is the luminosity-mass relation for main-sequence stars?
  • How do you draw lines of constant radius?
  • Talk about the HR diagram and its inhabitants.

a bit redundant but on a different exam DC asked:

  • Draw an HR diagram, label T and L axes
  • List different spectral classes and their temperatures
  • draw the evolution of a star like the sun
  • name the branches
  • what is helium flash? where is it on the evolutionary track? describe it.

follow-up by PJ:

  • what is the end product of the star? What supports a WD?
  • what supports a brown dwarf? is that related to the fact that they don't start fusion?
  • is triple-alpha a 3-body interaction?
  • does the helium flash actually lead to an explosion?
  • What is the dominant radiation mechanism in a planetary nebula around a white dwarf?
  • Draw an HR diagram of a 5 billion yr old globular cluster? What is the mass of the turnoff point?
    • Describe the stars evolution. (AB)
    • After the AGB, what happens? What powers a planetary nebula? How can you get mass loss? (SR)