What we do

The MIT Physics Graduate Student Council seeks to look out for the general welfare and interests of the 250 graduate students enrolled in physics and related interdisciplinary degree programs, as well as to interface between our constituents and the Department and Institute administrations.

We sponsor several social events each month to help our community to socialize with one another across division boundaries, to advertise important information and resources, and to help graduate students meet their recommended intake of free sugary food and caffeine. Events have historically included bi-weekly “cookie” socials with cake and pie, monthly Friday socials with pizza and beverages, breakfasts with faculty members, barbecues when the weather permits, and special first-year only events.


Pictured: Pizza at a student physics talk.

PGSC leadership regularly meets with the department administration to discuss issues affecting graduate students, including a weekly hourlong meeting between the department chair, PGSC president, and SPS president. PGSC convenes task forces as needed to research and write policy proposals to the department administration about issues affecting graduate students, such as the qualifying exams. Physics graduate students also have ten seats on four different department committees to advocate for the needs of the student body.

Some past types of activities:

Special initiatives