Officers 2021/2022

Rahul Jayaraman
A photo of Rahul Jayaraman
Rahul (he/him) is a third-year Astro student working on detecting transients and other weird astrophysical phenomena using TESS. When he’s not coding, he likes to drink coffee, read long-form feature articles, and marvel at all the dogs in Cambridge. He’s from California but, after five years in New England, still complains incessantly about the weather.
Wenzer Qin
A photo of Wenzer Qin
Vice President of Advocacy
Wenzer is a third-year graduate student in the CTP studying cosmology and particle astrophysics. She hails from Columbia, Missouri, and enjoys fiddling, making digital doodles, and playing with twisty cubes in her spare time.
Dominika Durovcikova
A photo of Dominika Durovcikova
Vice President of Admissions Initiatives
Dominika is a second-year student in the Astrophysics division, working on high-precision experiments to test quantum gravity. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, helping younger students get the skills and info they need to apply to awesome schools like MIT and is an avid ukulele player.
Xiaowei Ou
A photo of Xiaowei Ou
Vice President of Programming
Xiaowei is a second-year in the astro division, where he studies the chemistry and kinematics of the stars in the Galaxy. He came to the US for college and spent four years in Ann Arbor, Michigan before landing in Cambridge. When he’s not working, he enjoys “reading” (often listening) a good fantasy novel, walking along the Charles river, and gardening in the dorm courtyard.
Hudson Loughlin
A photo of Hudson Loughlin
Hudson is a first year graduate student studying LIGO detector technology. Before grad school, he worked in finance for a few years, which mostly served to give him a greater appreciation of finance memes. He’s originally from Virginia and enjoys hiking, biking, snowboarding, and playing board games.
Salvatore Pace
A photo of Salvatore Pace
Colloquium Committee Representative
Sal is a first-year graduate student interested in exotic phenomena that emerge in strongly interacting quantum many-body systems at low-energy. Outside of theoretical physics, Sal enjoys listening to and attending punk rock shows, playing video games, reading political theory, and everything coffee-related.
Marianne Moore
A photo of Marianne Moore
Colloquium Lunch Chair
Marianne comes from Montreal, Canada, and is a first-year graduate student in NUPAT. Outside of physics, she likes to do outdoor activities in every season and to cook from any culinary region of the world.
Duc Hoang
Colloquium Lunch Chair
Yuanjie Ren
Careers Chair
Dimitra Pefkou
Friday Social Chair
Dimitra graduated from MIT with a BS in physics in 2016 and returned to Cambridge in 2019 to join the PhD program. Her research is on Lattice QCD and hadron structure. A native of Greece, she despises weak coffee, blue cheese and the rain. She likes petting animals. She has recently been persuaded that apple cores are a social construct and she will probably try to convince you to eat your apple bottom to top including the core.
Pierre Barral
Friday Social Chair
Pierre is a French graduate student. Besides manipulating cold atoms in his lab, he enjoys having a beer at Muddy or the PGSC social to discuss about music, politics, dance or anything.
Daniel Mark
A photo of Daniel Mark
Cookie/Pie Social Chair
Daniel is a second-year graduate student interested in quantum chaos, and more broadly, the intersection of quantum information and condensed matter theory. Originally from Singapore, his current interests include coffee, runs, and learning to dance.
Zhengyan Darius Shi
A photo of Zhengyan Darius Shi
Cookie/Pie Social Chair
Darius is a second-year graduate student interested in weakly coupled gravity and strongly coupled electrons. When not doing physics, he enjoys reading Scott Aaronson’s blog (though it’s non-PC to admit sometimes also Peter Woit’s) and learning new recipes from Gordon Ramsay.
John Martyn
A photo of John Martyn
Cookie/Pie Social Chair
John is a second year graduate student working in quantum information and scientific machine learning with Dr. Isaac Chuang. A Maryland native, he is an avid skateboarder and often cruises through Cambridge/Boston. He also enjoys filmmaking, reading, and walking along the Charles River.
Zhiquan Sun
Faculty Breakfast Chair
Elba Alonso-Monsalve
Faculty Breakfast Chair
Patrick Oare
A photo of Patrick Oare
Athletics Chair
Patrick is a third year graduate student in the CTP studying lattice QCD. Originally from New Jersey, he’s an avid player of ice hockey and tennis and is always interested in trying new sports. He also enjoys reading, biking, and exploring the Cambridge / Boston area.
Arkya Chatterjee
A photo of Arkya Chatterjee
Website Manager/Tech Chair
Arkya is a third-year graduate student in the CMT division, interested in the physics of strongly-correlated and highly-entangled quantum matter. He hails from the Indian city of Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta). Besides physics, he enjoys exploring music, math, literature, and his newfound love for cooking.