Officers 2019/2020

Dimitra Pefkou
Dimitra graduated from MIT with a BS in physics in 2016 and returned to Cambridge in 2019 to join the PhD program. Her research is on Lattice QCD and hadron structure. A native of Greece, she despises weak coffee, blue cheese and the rain. She likes petting animals. She has recently been persuaded that apple cores are a social construct and she will probably try to convince you to eat your apple bottom to top including the core.
Eric Anschuetz
Vice President
Eric is a third-year in the quantum information division from Orlando, Florida. He currently researches quantum algorithms for noisy intermediate-scale quantum devices under the supervision of Aram Harrow and Misha Lukin.
Pierre Barral
Pierre is a French graduate student. Besides manipulating cold atoms in his lab, he enjoys having a beer at Muddy or the PGSC social to discuss about music, politics, dance or anything.
Alyssa Rudelis
Physics Values Committee Liaison
Alyssa is a second-year PhD student in Professor Vladan Vuletić’s experimental atomic physics group. At this point, she’s a little bit from each Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and California. When she’s not in lab, she enjoys baking sweet treats for her undergraduate residents as a Graduate Resident Advisor (GRA) in Maseeh Hall, dancing, decorating her apartment, writing creative non-fiction, and working on grad student advocacy projects.
Stephanie O’Neil
Cookie/Pie Social Chair
Stephanie is a second-year graduate student studying astrophysics using simulations to model the evolution galaxies. In addition pretty space pictures, she is particularly fond of cookies and other exciting desserts.
Ali Ghorashi
Cookie/Pie Social Chair
I’m a first year student in condensed matter theory working with Liang Fu. In my free time, I keep up with politics, watch movies (with an emphasis on dark comedies), and listen to a variety of comedy podcasts. I did my undergraduate/masters studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where I learned that my laboratory skills never developed past the ability to make volcanoes out of baking soda and vinegar (hence condensed matter theory).
Zachary Vendeiro
Friday Social Chair
Zak works in the Center for Ultracold Atoms on laser cooling and cavity QED. His hobbies include wearing beanies in hot weather and using the word “dude” to address his cat. He also buys beer for the PGSC socials.
Michael DeMarco
Friday Social Chair
Football fan, hustler, band member, reclaimed wood collector and typography affectionado. Working at the crossroads of simplicity and intellectual purity to craft meaningful ideas that endure. I sometimes make random things with friends.
Neel Kabadi
A Photo of Neel Kabadi
Friday Social Chair
Neel Kabadi studies plasma physics and fusion energy as part of the High Energy Density Group. In his free time he enjoys cooking, eating, woodworking, and watching sports.
Dahlia Klein
A Photo of Dahlia Klein
Faculty Breakfast Organizer and GSC Rep
Dahlia, a native of New Jersey, went to the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate studies. She now does research on the transport of novel magnetic 2D materials in the Jarillo-Herrero Group.
Shreya Vardhan
shreya picture
Colloquium Lunch Organiser and PGSC Colloquium Rep
Shreya Vardhan is a second-year graduate student interested in quantum chaos, hydrodynamics, and the AdS/CFT correspondence. She enjoys going on long walks, discovering new ice cream places, reading and playing tennis.
Graeme Sutcliffe
Physics Athletic Chair
Graeme is from Vancouver, Canada. He grew up playing all sorts of sports, and has continued to do so at MIT.
Cyprian Lewandowski
Cyprian is from Poznań, Poland. He completed his undergradute studies at Imperial College London and currently is a graduate student in the Condensed Matter Theory group. You can usually bump into him in the morning hours at the Zesiger’s gym.