Officers 2017/2018

Nick Rivera
rivera_nicholas_2016_5x7 (1) (1)
Nick, who hails from Brooklyn, New York, did his undergraduate study in physics at MIT. He now works on studying quantum phenomena in nanoscale optics through the lens of quantum field theory.
Sameer Abraham
A Photo of Sameer Abraham
Sameer is a third year plasma physics major from India. He likes to play squash and scuba dive.
Efrain Segarra
Cookie/Pie Social Chair
Efrain, coming from Fenton, Michigan and the University of Michigan, is a second year graduate student in NUPAX. His primary research focus is on nuclear structure and a beyond-the-Standard-Model search. Besides physics, he enjoys sailing from the MIT Pavilion, cooking, running, and reading!
Francesco Sciortino
Cookie/Pie Social Chair
Francesco is originally from Italy and previously studied in the UK and Switzerland. Now in his second year at MIT, he focuses on plasma physics, fusion energy, laboratory astrophysics and machine learning. In recent years, he has been very active in the International Association of Physics Students and co-founded the Italian Association of Physics Students. At MIT, he enjoys climbing, cycling and attending various events on campus.
Carina Belvin
Cookie/Pie Social Chair
Carina is from Lexington, Massachusetts and attended Wellesley College for her undergraduate studies. She is currently a second-year graduate student in Prof. Nuh Gedik’s group working on terahertz spectroscopy of quantum materials. Outside of physics she enjoys running and playing the violin.
Keaton Burns
Friday Social Chair
Keaton is a second-year graduate student in astrophysics.
Zachary Vendeiro
Friday Social Chair
Zak works in the Center for Ultracold Atoms on laser cooling and cavity QED. His hobbies include wearing beanies in hot weather and using the word “dude” to address his cat. He also buys beer for the PGSC socials.
Cody Burton
Friday Social Chair
Cody is a graduate student interested in ultracold gases, who is currently working in Wolfgang Ketterle’s research group. Outside of physics, Cody is a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician.
Darius Bunandar
Friday Social Chair
Darius is a graduate student interested in quantum information. In his previous life, he used to make fancy pictures of black holes.
Neel Kabadi
A Photo of Neel Kabadi
Friday Social Chair and Open House Co-organiser
Neel Kabadi studies plasma physics and fusion energy as part of the High Energy Density Group. In his free time he enjoys cooking, eating, woodworking, and watching sports.
Dahlia Klein
A Photo of Dahlia Klein
Faculty Breakfast Organizer and GSC Rep
Dahlia, a native of New Jersey, went to the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate studies. She now does research on the transport of novel magnetic 2D materials in the Jarillo-Herrero Group.
Constantin “Stan” Weisser
A Photo of Constantin Weisser
Constantin did his undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester, UK, with a study year abroad at UC Berkeley. He is working on Machine Learning in Particle Physics and likes endurance sports and trying out different hobbies.
Patrick Moran
Patrick is a second year student in LNS. He comes from the Philadelphia area, where he did his undergraduate studies at Temple University.
Patrick Komiske
A Photo of Patrick Komiske
Colloquium Lunch Organiser and PGSC Colloquium Rep
Patrick is from Sykesville, Maryland and attended Harvard University for his undergraduate studies. He is working on using deep learning and other tools to answer questions in jet physics. Outside of physics he enjoys running, hiking, and traveling.
Graeme Sutcliffe
Physics Athletic Chair
Graeme is from Vancouver, Canada. He grew up playing all sorts of sports, and has continued to do so at MIT.
Cyprian Lewandowski
Cyprian is from Poznań, Poland. He completed his undergradute studies at Imperial College London and currently is a graduate student in the Condensed Matter Theory group. You can usually bump into him in the morning hours at the Zesiger’s gym.