Get involved!

Pictured: turkey friends partying it up on the wild streets of Cambridge

It’s good to keep up your hobbies as a graduate student and to maintain an active social life! It’s important for your personal well-being, it’s helpful to build a large network of connections, and furthermore non-physics activities are a great way to improve soft skills that will translate well over towards your physics career.

You’ll find your grad student friends participating in everything around campus from the orchestra to intramural sports to student government, and in all sorts of exciting opportunities in the greater Boston area. Don’t be shy! Graduate students are of course welcome in these activities.

Opportunities in our department

Service, advocacy, mentoring, and outreach opportunities

More organizations at MIT

Dorms and pubs

How to hear about events

  • The physics Academics Programs Office sends out a weekly email to all students with lists of academic opportunities
  • The weekly Graduate Student Council Anno compiles a list of all upcoming events, initiatives, and opportunities on campus
  • The Tech, MIT’s student newspaper, often contains interesting news and commentary from around campus

Things around Boston