Department Committee Representatives 2021-22

Representatives to Physics Department Committees

Felix Knollman
Physics Values Committee
Felix (he/him/his) is a first-year graduate student studying AMO physics and quantum info. He works with trapped ions in the Quanta group. When he is not in lab you will probably find him outdoors. The sports are always changing, but the current obsessions are biking and climbing.
Mason Ng
A photo of Mason Ng
Admissions Advisory Council (GAGA)
Mason (he series) is a third-year PhD student in the Astrophysics division, studying pulsations, thermonuclear burst oscillations, and other cool stuff with neutron stars. He has lived in Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia, before settling down into some relative permanence in Cambridge. In his free time, he works out, consumes international politics, and engages in advocacy projects with the GSC’s External Affairs Board.
Cian Roche
A photo of Cian Roche
Admissions Advisory Council (GAGA)
Cian is a first-year student in Astrophysics, primarily interested in the interface between particle physics and cosmology. To relax, he likes to ice skate (poorly), play piano (poorly) and swim.