The Milky Way

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  • Draw a sketch of the galaxy edge-on
  • what's the rotation curve if there were only the supremassive BH, if it were constant density, the one actually measured?
  • What is Sag A*? How do we know its properties? How can you constrain the compactness?
  • what does this imply? about the density of DM? do you know of any physical process which would lead to this r-dependence of density?
  • where are the globular clusters? how many are there?
  • Draw a sketch of the Milky Way? Label distances. What are the stellar populations and scale heights (4 of them not including globular clusters)?
    • What is the density of halo stars?
    • What is the density of stars in the solar neighborhood? (AB)
  • How are Milky Way rotation curves measured?
    • Inside the solar orbit?
    • Outside the solar orbit?
    • How do the error bars compare?