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The following questions were asked by SR:

  • Describe the physical mechanism for Type Ia SNe.
    • Follow-up: What sort of white dwarf do I need in order to get a SNe Ia? (E.g. Does it have to be a C-O WD?)
  • What is the typical velocity associated with supernovae ejecta immediately after ejection? With the SN remnant? What causes the latter velocity?
  • Show that r is proportional to t^(2/5) in the Sedov phase of a supernova remnant
  • Describe Type I supernova from both an observational and theoretical perspective? Do you know what an accretion induced supernova is, supposedly produces a neutron star as its end product? (SR)

Asked by PJ:

  • How would the time evolution of a SN lightcurve be different at z=1?