Radiative Processes

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Questions in this category have been asked by HB, PJ, JW

  • What are synchrotron, bremsstralung, and cyclotron radiation?
  • What are the major absorption and scattering processes?
    • Sketch each process and its spectrum.
  • What is blackbody radiation?
  • What is the typical timescale for Synchrotron cooling?
  • For hot plasma emitting X-ray, in what temperature do we observe continuous emission, in what temperature do we observe lines?
  • What is the radiative mechanism for the optical emission of the Crab nebular? And what's the energy source for it?
  • What's the mechanism for 21cm lines? If we detect the existence of 21cm lines, what does it tell us?
  • When one looks at X-ray emission from intracluster gas, how does one determine the temperature of the gas?
  • How does the break on synchrotron and bremsstrahlung radiation indicate age?